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art with all its science - say Hi design!

art with all its science
- say Hi design!

Graphic Designing, Illustrations, & Web Design.

I have always found myself attracted to art, innovation, and aesthetics. Although. I started off my career in the corporate sector and devoted much time there, I couldn’t let go my inclination towards art and creativity. I strongly felt the urge to pursue my passion: designing. This is when Hid Creations came to life. I appreciate all forms of art, I especially enjoy digital design. Since my foray into the creative industry, I have been working with graphic designing and word press websites. My forte includes creating brand identity and associated marketing collateral, social media content designing and building websites. In addition to this I would love to take on challenging tasks like creating illustrations for books and comics. The world of designing is humongous, and I am currently exploring the fields of motion graphics and video editing in all its lengths and breadths.  As for now, I look forward to collaborating on projects that would ignite the creative spark in me.

- Hidayathullah Syed

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Its humbling to share that from the very beginning of my designing journey, I have had amazing opportunities to work with some great businesses, corporates and entrepreneurs. Every project is unique and interesting in its own way and I would have loved to share glimpses of my work here. However, I value my clients privacy which prevents me from posting samples in the best interest of their confidentiality. As and when consent has been granted, I will keep updating my portfolio with bits and bites from latest projects.


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